Faust Law Library

FAQs for the Faust Law Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Faust Law Library A-Z Databases  
  2. How can I renew my library materials?  
  3. Can a librarian assist me with my research?  
  4. Can I check out books?  
  5. Can I get a law student to give me legal advice and/or do research?  
  6. Can I pay for a library card/permit?  
  7. Can I print at the library?  
  8. Can I reserve a study room?  
  9. Can I tour the library?  
  10. Do you check out phone or laptop chargers?  
  11. Do you have any materials on probate or estate planning?  
  12. Do you have The Bluebook?  
  13. Does the law school offer CLE credits?  
  14. Does the library have disability access?  
  15. Does the library provide access to Lexis?  
  16. Does the library provide access to Westlaw?  
  17. Faust Law Library Patron Registration Form  
  18. How can faculty get assistance with scholarly research?  
  19. How can faculty sign up for LSN services?  
  20. How can I access the Rare Book Room?  
  21. How can I connect Google Scholar to the library's resources?  
  22. How can I copy, scan or print in the library?  
  23. How can I find law review articles?  
  24. How can serials or periodicals get routed directly to faculty?  
  25. How do faculty members set up course or exam reserves?  
  26. How do I access databases off campus?  
  27. How do I check out materials my professor put on reserve?  
  28. How do I download articles from HeinOnline?  
  29. How do I find Utah court cases or federal court cases?  
  30. How do I get books that aren't on the first floor?  
  31. How do I pay library fines?  
  32. How do I read citations?‚Äč  
  33. How do I use the library catalog?  
  34. How do I use the public computers in the Faust Law Library?  
  35. Processing Books from the Pick List  
  36. What are faculty Library Liaisons?  
  37. What author services does the library offer to faculty?  
  38. What briefs are available and where are they located?  
  39. What does this abbreviation mean?  
  40. What happens if I need something that is checked out to another patron?  
  41. What happens if my materials are overdue?  
  42. What instructional support does the library offer to faculty?  
  43. What is a docket number?  
  44. What is Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP)?  
  45. What is Document Delivery?  
  46. What should I do with books I don't want?  
  47. What types of study materials do the library have?  
  48. When are my library materials due?  
  49. Where are the Exam Reserves?  
  50. Where are the restrooms?  
  51. Where can I find the Salt Lake City Code?  
  52. Where do I find books about _________________?  
  53. Where do I find this call number? Where do I find this book?  
  54. Where do I find treatises on ___________?  
  55. Where is the Utah Code?  
  56. Where is? A-Z Topics, Call Numbers and Location  
  57. Who can assist me with SSRN submission?  
  58. Who can use the Faust Law Library Interlibrary Loan service?  
  59. Who is my faculty Library Liaison?  
  60. Why do I owe a fine?  

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