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How do I connect to UPrint Service (a.k.a. RedPrint, Uniflow)?
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For Both PC and Mac Printing You MUST Be on the UConnect Wireless Network to Map Printers

On a Windows PC:

  1. Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press the letter R. Press these keys simultaneously.  

  2. When the run window pops up, enter \\\UPrintAnywherePC
  3. When the next popup window asks for credentials, enter your and university password.
    1. Make certain to select the option to "Remember my credentials"
  4. If it pops up a security warning, click continue or trust this printer.
  5. Drivers will install for the printing service - acknowledge any permissions requests.
  6. Now print a test document to the printer UniflowRPS1 and go to any Redprint printer and tap on to release your test job.

On a Mac PC:

  1. Open up the System Preferences panel   image
  2. Locate the Printers and Scanners and click to add a printer
  3. In the lower-left area of the list of printers, select the "+" option to add a printer
  4. The "type" of printer you want to select is an IP printer. The option for this varies based on OS version
  5. Once you have selected IP printer type, a window will appear where additional information is required.
    1. Address:
    2. Protocol: AirPrint
    3. Queue: UPrintAnywhere
    4. Name: can be anything but this describes the printer like "Law Print"
    5. Location: can be anything
    6. Use: if everything above is entered correctly, this field will AUTOMATICALLY update to be AirPrint

NOTE: if AirPrint isn't automatically updated in the "use" field, make certain the computer is connected to the UConnect wifi network.  If the computer is connected to UConnect and this still does not update to AirPrint, then contact IT for technical assistance.

Now time to test because you are not done yet:

  1. Open up a document to print.  Select the printer with the name you provided in step 5d above (e.g. law print)
  2. print the selected document and watch for the pop-up window indicating "Hold for authentication".

  3. Click the resume button in that pop-up window and another window will pop-up asking for credentials.
  4. Enter your UNID for the name and your campus password and check the "Remember this password in my keychain" option.
  5. Now go to any Redprint printer, tap on, and release your test print job.

Additional information resources can be found at Managed Print Services

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